My experience of a swim coaching session at The Triathlon Shop - Holly

A little bit of background about me:


As a child my experience of swimming was that I was able to 'not drown'. I think I got my 25m badge at primary school and that was the extent of my capabilities! 

It was only when I went to university and I started going swimming with my housemate who was a keen triathlete that I learned to swim breast stroke with my head under the water. I did my first triathlon in 2008 (I think!?) and have taken part in a number since then but it was only in 2013 that I decided that it was finally time to learn how to front crawl. My big motivation was that I had entered myself into the London Triathlon as the swim leg of a relay team.


A little bit about Tri Coaching:

To achieve my goal I needed the help of an experienced coach. John from Tri-coaching is the resident swim coach at the triathlon shop and was runner-up coach of the year at the 220 tri awards 2014. He also used to be an international competitive swimmer as well as having coached everyone from complete beginners to elite level performers. 

I booked in a session with John in the Elite Endless Pool where we used the underwater cameras to analyse my technique as it was. John then gave me feedback and drills to work on. You can see the work he did in this quick video:



If you want to book into a session with John click here


The result:


I completed my 1.5km swim in the London Docklands. It certainly wasn't the quickest, but when I couldn't even swim front crawl a few months ago it went incredibly well! John's technique tips enabled me to keep going without fatiguing any where near as quickly as I used to. All in all a big success!

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