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We are excited to announce that we are now taking bookings for bike fitting using the incredible new technology from Shimano Dynamics Lab and Only 6 places in the UK have been deemed as expert enough in bike fitting to have this technology behind them so we are really excited about being able to offer it to our customers in Bristol.

A little about the technology used:

Dartfish motion capture

Dartfish is two dimensional video analysis software enabling biomechanical observation, comparison and quantitative measurement of time, distance, angle and position. Dartfish has been used for many years by the BBC in their sports coverage as well as the English Institute of Sport who use the software alongside British Cycling.

Shimano bikefitting position simulator rig

The Position Simulator has three functions:

To determine the exact seat angle of the frame, which is a direct result of the ratio of upper and lower leg length. This also calculates the correct fore-and-aft adjustment of the saddle which assists optimal power transfer and a stable position on the saddle.

To determine an asymmertic seat position to compensate, for example, for differences in leg length which often leads to pain in the lower back area.

To simulate the position that the computer program has calculated and to enable the client to immediately experience this improvement.

Dynamic pedalling analysis

Our 3D Pedalling Analyser is industry leading. The rig allows us to visualise real time left and right pedalling forces in 3 dimensions to deliver effective force ratio and braking loss data. This new and unique information guides the fitter to analyse and improve pedalling performance of the rider and helps to visualise what really happens at the pedal hundreds of times per revolution in REAL time.

Bikefitting standard measurement tool

The Standard Measurement Jig is used to precisely determine eight body dimensions.

  • Height

  • foot length left

  • foot length right

  • inseam

  • torso length

  • arm length left

  • arm length right

  • shoulder width

The model of shoe (sole thickness), pedal (height) and type of saddle are also taken into account.

Prologo myown saddle fitting tool

My Own is a biomechanical system that allows you to choose the saddle that best suits your physiology and end use.
The system uses a base made in gel material that perfectly defines the distance between the ischial tuberosity and the concavity below the pelvic area. Thanks to the kit and the advanced software you can identify in a scientific way the best saddle for your physical features, in four simple steps.



Bike fitting services using this new technology start from just £30. Check out our dedicated bike fitting site for more information and to book in:


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