Adidas Storm Jacket - the ultimate under the radar winter piece.

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Adidas Storm Jacket - the ultimate under the radar winter piece.

The Adidas Storm Jacket has really surprised me recently, as a new owner of one I had overlooked it until now. 

Testing the Adidas Storm Jacket in Berlin.

A couple of us were in Berlin just before Christmas to experience the RunBase ( set up. RunBase is a very cool, urban, innovative and exciting running and fitness hub designed to get people active while being social. In an old industrial area in Kreuzberg 'cool' doesn't come close. You can expect to see some ideas we picked up there put into practice in our own Harbourside Runners group in the new year.

Berlin is pretty chilly in the winter, averaging 1 degree in December and having just returned from a holiday in Australia the temperature change would be dramatic. Having never tried a Storm Jacket from Adidas I thought I'd give one a go. On paper it is a bit of an odd choice. Not overly insulated and despite the name it isn't fully waterproof either, so what is it and what is it for?

Essentially it is a wind and water protective long sleeve layer which, if you run warm like me, is plenty enough to deal with the coldest weather - insert, it is minus 4 degrees in Bristol this evening and I have just run 5km in the jacket with just a short sleeve prime knit base layer underneath, perfect! Not only is it a nice, warm, comfortable jacket it has incredible hi viz properties which are subtly blended into the surface of the fabric. As you can see from the images the top is at home during a day time run and perfectly equipped for lower light conditions as well, the contrast with and without a light shining on the jacket is incredible. 


I have been well and truly converted - I now don't run without my Storm jacket and for £65 it is an absolute steal, I just wish I had figured out how good it was a year or so ago. 

You can get yours here 

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