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Ladies Running Shoes Review

We asked new staff member Rebecca to review some of our range of neutral running shoes...


I have reviewed a range of  neutral ladies running shoes focusing on comfort, design and suitability. If you would like any further information feel free to come into the shop, have a chat and try them out yourself.


Adidas Pure Boost X 

The Pure Boost X  has an unusual design with a free-floating arch under the mid foot, I  was pleasantly surprised by how natural this feels. The shoe has a sock-like snug feel that enables a lot of flexibility and movement. This flexibility combined with boost material in the sole creates a shoe that is extremely comfortable with a lot of "bounce". 

 This is a versatile shoe that would be a great  for the gym due to its flexibility and comfort. The multicolored design of the shoe also looks great. 

Sizing: I would recommend 0.5 size larger than your normal shoe size.


Adidas Supernova Glide Boost 

This is a stable shoe that also provides the benefit of the boost technology. These shoes provide a more structured feel than the other shoes in the range.

This shoe would suit those looking for the boost technology with less flexibility in the upper shoe. The design of the shoe is also more understated than the rest of the range. 

Sizing: I would recommend 0.5 size larger than your normal shoe size.


Adidas Ultra Boost 

This has to be my favorite shoe for both comfort and design. This features the most "boost technology" of the Adidas Boost range and the benefit in terms of "bounce" and shock absorption is clear. The upper body of the shoe is a knitted design that expands with the foot creating flexibility whilst still providing enough structure.

The level of comfort and energy return in this shoe is ideal for distance running. The colors of the shoe go well together without looking too bold. Overall i loved this shoe and will be buying a pair to train for the Bristol half marathon.   

Sizing: This shoe was true to size 


Mizuno Wave Rider 19 

This is a very comfortable running shoe that provides good structure. It has less flexibility and "bounce" than the  Adidas Boost range so would be good for those who prefer a more sturdy shoe. 

This is a good quality, stable running shoe. This season's design is purple and we also stock the Wave Rider 18, in an orange and black design .

Sizing: This shoe was true to size 


ON Cloudsurfers

This shoe from Swiss company ON features the Cloud Tec system consisting of Cloud Tec Lugs that act as springs on the base of the shoe.

When i first tried on these shoes i felt as if i could feel the lugs, however when running they  are not noticeable and the shoe provides a good amount shock absorption and a smooth running sensation. 

This is a very comfortable running shoe providing a good level of cushioning.

Sizing: This shoe was true to size 

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