Yoga for Sports and Athletes class

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Yoga for Sports and Athletes class

We are excited to announce a partnership with Earth Yoga Sanctuary who are offering our customers a free yoga class aimed at people who do sport.

19th July 2017 - 18:30


FREE Yoga Class designed specifically for Swimmers, Cyclists and Runners


Yoga is the 4th discipline of triathlon. It aids recovery by encouraging blood to pass through those tired, sore muscles. It helps stretch out those tight, contracted muscles you get from training and racing; allowing your body to better adapt to the training load and therefore preventing injury & allowing you to recover quicker and back training sooner.


The Bristol Triathlon shop is collaborating with Earth Yoga Sanctuary, to offer free classes aimed at triathletes of all abilities. YES all abilities. Whether you are male or female, 16 or 76, flexible or in flexible this course is for you. In fact, the older and more inflexible you are the more you should be practicing yoga.


Help and assistance is provided to every athlete, ensuring you are holding the pose correctly and providing a range of options to cater for the beginner right the way up to advanced.


You DO NOT need to have any previous experience of yoga and you will begin to see results immediately. So come along and make up your own mind.  What have you got to lose?




In every class there will be elements of quiet, flow of movement (from one pose to the next), holding of poses (building strength) and breath integration. Every pose can be modified, simplify or amplified according to the strength, flexibility and anatomical structure of the student.


Please do not be put off by the advanced moves most people associate with yoga like head balances for example. This takes many years to perfect. We start with the basic flows and build up to these and even then I provide options for all abilities.


After a session, yogi’s can expect to feel stretched, opened and experience a sense of ‘internal cleansing’. The following day there is almost certain to be a feeling throughout the body of having worked, stretched & strengthened in areas rarely felt. Possible stiffness is a good sign! The mind will feel more balanced and the awareness of breath should be piqued.


There are still a few spaces left. Book tickets HERE



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