Bonk is a unique grass roots clothing label for those who like to swim, bike and run.  

Bonk was founded in 2011 by Charlie Evans, a Triathlete whose life has been changed positively since discovering the sport back in 2008. It was his own love of Triathlon that inspired him to launch a clothing brand dedicated to the swim, bike, run, lifestyle.

Bonk believe Triathlon is the ultimate sporting challenge, a test of skill, strength, stamina and mental fortitude. It is also a truly unique and inspirational sport and one which can touch people on so many different levels they felt it was time to create a brand that reflects their passion for it, one that embodies the whole essence of Triathlon.    

It really doesn’t matter how fast you are, whether you are an elite Triathlete or a first timer, training 6 or 25 hours a week. What counts is your own truly unique experience of the swim, bike & run.    At Bonk, they enjoy the camaraderie and lifestyle of being an endurance athlete. We are a clothing label that aspires to be different, focused on bringing new energy into the world of Triathlon and endurance sport, combining fresh and funky design with a fun and relaxed take on things.   

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