The Triathlon Shop offers a full service, set up and maintenance facility at our flagship store in Bristol.

With Cytech level 3 qualified workshop staff we are confident that we can solve any problem you have with your bike.


A brief run down of our services can be found below, please feel free to email or call for any specific work or advice.


Bronze: £40           Silver: £60           Gold: £90           Platinum: £120



Puncture repairs

Front - £7, Rear - £10, Both - £15

All require tube or tubes adding to cost.

Replacement of a tube costs less than the equivalent

time taken to repair one, and is a more permanent

solution. The brake controlling the wheel on which the

puncture is being repaired gets set up, as do the

rear gears (hence the extra cost).


Gear or brake setup - £7.50

Sets up of one gear or brake unit. 


Replacement of inner cable - £10.00

One inner cable replaced. Includes setup of that part.

Cable not included.

Outer cable replacement - Dependant on time taken,

regarding internal cable routing and/or bar tape.

Usually £10-£15 plus cable.


Bearing service - £20

Strip and rebuild or replacement of one set of bearings

(headset, one hub, or BB). Two for £35 or all for four for £60.


Wheel truing - £7.50-£15.00

Getting your buckled wheel as straight as possible given

the condition the bike is presented in. If spokes need replacing,

the cost will be higher due to time taken removing tyre, tube etc,

plus cost of spokes.


Wheel building - £35.00

Spoke length calculation, lacing, tensioning and truing a wheel

of your specification. Parts not included.


Unspecified work 

We charge £40/hour. If the work doesn't take an hour, we'll charge

you to the nearest 15minutes. Our minimum charge is £4.50 for

little tweaks which don't take very long.