Chia Charge Flapjack

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This bar has been baked so that it has a slight chew through the edge but is soft further in.

The recipe contains only wholesome ingredients you would find in your kitchen cupboard.  The sea salt help restore some of the minerals you lose when you sweat and because flakes are used, you get different bursts of flavour throughout the flapjack.

The Chia Charge Flapjack is free from wheat*, artificial flavours, preservatives and colouring.  It is also suitable for Vegetarians.

*  The flapjack is made in a bakery that uses wheat and therefore May Contain Traces Wheat.

Storage instructions: Store flapjack in a cool dry place.


Ingredients Oats, Butter, Demarara Sugar, Golden Syrup, Chia Seeds (9%), Sea Salt Flakes

Nutritional information

  per 100g  per 80g flapjack
kJ 1,987 1,589
Kcal  472 378
Protein g  6  5
Carbohydrate g  55 44
of which sugars  28 23
Fat  25 20
of which saturates  14  11
Fibre g 5  4
Sodium g 0.41  0.33
Salt based on sodium g 1.06  0.84


About Chia Seeds: Chia means “strength” in the Aztec language; considered running food in the ancient civilisation because messengers could run all day with just a small handful of chia seed.  Endurance is at the heart of the history of chia.

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