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Pedal-based Cycling Power Meter

  • Delivers reliable, accurate performance data
  • Easy to buy, install and own
  • Measures total power, left/right balance and cadence
  • Displays data on compatible Edge devices and Forerunner multisport watches
  • Shows power metrics and graphs in Garmin Connect

Measure Where It Matters

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Garmin brings power to the people with Vector, an innovative pedal-based power meter. It not only changes how power is measured; it changes how cyclists get power making it extremely easy to buy and install. Vector measures power at the pedal, where force is applied. Its a direct measurement power meter that delivers reliable, accurate data. Because the force sensors are housed in each pedal, Vector gives you the unique ability to see right and left leg power independently.

Easy to Buy, Install, Own

In the past, owning a power meter was a complicated process and often involved making mechanical tradeoffs for your bike. Vector changes all of that. Now you can walk into your local bike shop, walk out with a Vector power meter in hand, and then install it yourself in minutes. Theres no need for a mechanic, no downtime while your bike is in the shop. Plus, there are no complex drivetrain or wheel tradeoffs to consider and no external sensors to install.

Another advantage of Vector is that you can use the same system on multiple bikes by simply swapping out pedals and moving the wireless head unit. And, you can take Vector with you when youre going out of town for a race or when youre traveling and might be renting or borrowing a bike. Its also easy to update Vector software as enhancements are made, thanks to its ANT+ wireless technology.


Wizardry Behind the Watts

Vector works by measuring the deflection in the pedal spindle as you pedal. By comparing that measured deflection to a factory-calibration, Vector can determine how much force youre applying to the pedal. Vector measures the force you apply a few hundred times every second. Built-in accelerometers also measure your pedalling cadence. The force sensor and related electronics are permanently and securely sealed within the pedal spindle.

Complete Cycling Suite

If youre already using a compatible Garmin head unit such as the Garmin Edge 500, 510, 800, 810 or Forerunner 910XT, adding a Vector power meter will take your training to the next level. Vector measures total power, left and right leg power and cadence and sends the data to compatible Edge cycling computers or other ANT+ enabled head units. Complete the suite with post-ride analysis, mapping, route planning and data sharing at Garmin Connect. Having all your cycling electronics and analysis from one brand means you can trust the equipment, the user experience and the support.

Example Edge 800 screenshots

Vector screenshots

Example Vector Power data in Garmin Connect

Vector in Connect


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This pair of VECTOR POWER PEDALS has been used approximately 10 times. Get a HUGE bargain!!!