Kryptonite Kryptolok S2 with Cable

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The Kryptonite KryptoLok S2 Std D-Lock with 4 Foot KryptoFlex Cable, Bicycle security for moderate to high level crime areas, 13mm hardened Kryptonium steel shackle, Patented deadbolt locking mechanism for extensive holding power, High security disc style cylinder, Reinforced sleeve over crossbar and cylinder provides enhanced security protection, Reinforced internal housing increases resistance to twisting and leverage type attacks, Offset key location and overhead cam locking mechanism resists leverage attacks, Patented, easy to use, high security Bent Foot design, Anti-Rattle bumpers keeps the shackle snug against the crossbar and prevent unnecessary noise. Teamed with a KryptoFlex braided steel cable for locking up wheels and saddles and to act as a secondary deterrent.


13mm hardened Performance steel shackle, Includes 4" KryptoFlex double loop cable, Reinforced hardened cross bar, High security, disc-style cylinder, Anti-rattle bumpers, Rotating dustcover

Size: 4″ × 9″ (10.2cm x 22.9cm)
Unlock Method: Stainless steel keys
Mounting: Includes, patented EZ Mount transportation system which allows for versatile carrying
Sold Secure Rating: Level 6
Weight: 3.60lbs (1.63kgs)