Mavic Cosmic Elite Set

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The Mavic Cosmic Elite wheelset gives your access to their aerodynamic WTS range & the performance they bring. Completely alloy, these wheels feature a mid section rim (30mm), high quality bearings & come fitted with Mavic's Yksion Elite tyres.

The Mavic Cosmic Elite wheelset are super reliable and great for all year riding regardless of weather conditions. They are also fitted with a pair of Yksion Elite tyres so once out of the box, put them on the bike and ride.

Rim Profile

They are the perfect choice if wanting an aerodynamic wheelset for riding on the road and in all weathers and at a great affordable price.

Wheel Technology
This Cosmic Elite wheelset offers aerodynamics, great versatility and performance which is due to the advanced technology used in their manufacture.

Listing these all would be difficult, but using the icons above and the Mavic Wheel Technology Chart and the Mavic Tyre Technology Chart you will be able to read for yourself what is involved.

WTS Fast and Light Range
When a racer is looking for perfect versatility, Mavic Fast & Light WTS line is the perfect answer. This range features the best blend of lightweight, high stiffness and great aerodynamics to deliver the highest possible efficiency.


  • WTS technology - Wheel-Tyre-System
  • Wheels fitted with Mavic's Yksion Elite tyres
  • Ideal wheelset for all-year round riding in all weathers
  • Alloy wheels with a 30mm mid-section rim profile
  • Durable and impact resistant rim
  • Distinctive graphics

  • Weights: wheelset 1770g, front 815g, rear 955g
  • Recommended weight limit: 120kg
  • Spokes: steel, straight pull - bladed
  • Spoke count: 16 front, 20 rear
  • Rim material: Maxtal 12K carbon fibre
  • Brake track: Alloy
  • Rim dimensions: height 30mm
  • Rim type: Clincher
  • Hub material: front and rear; aluminium, steel axle
  • Delivered with: quick releases, rim tape, user guide