Mavic Ksyrium Elite II Road Cycling Shoe

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With a range of features that’ll instill a new sense of confidence into your kit when you’re riding, the Mavic Ksyrium Elite II Road Shoe has become Mavic’s best selling road specific shoe, and for good reason.

A combination of comfort and power transfer is hard to come by in road shoes. It’s either too stiff to be comfortable, but provides good power transfer, or too flexible for power transfer but incredibly comfortable. Well, Mavic has seemingly cracked the code, providing an incredible combination of comfort, foothold and energy transfer without any loss of efficiency.

The Endofit tongue is the reason behind the comfort of the shoe, providing a glove-like effect that keeps your foot firmly planted into the shoe, surrounded by an Ergo Fit 3D Ortholite sole with dual density inner soles that are designed for arch support and stability when laying down the power. Perfect for every aspect of riding you can imagine.

Light, stiff and carbon reinforced composite glass fibre and nylon insert with carbon for increased stiffness, the energy carbon comp outsole is behind the incredible power transfer. Staying stiff through every rotation and range of motion, this outsole is lightweight due to its carbon construction.

The Ergo ratchet system is another feature behind all of these additions, allowing the rider to adjust the fit and feel of the shoe with 2mm adjustments.

  • Ergo Fit 3D OrthoLite® absorbs heel vibrations
  • Endofit™ Tongue hugs the foot in just the right places for maximum comfort
  • Energy Carbon Comp Outsole brings the foot closer to the pedal for improved power transfer/ Index Energy Transfer 60
  • Ergo Ratchet for precise adjustment
  • Endofit tongue for an internal fit sleeve designed to closely hug the foot in key places for maximum comfort
  • Ortholite soles are designed to prolong comfort and performance