Mavic Yksion CXR Griplink Tubular Tyre

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The first tyre engineered together with its matching rim to enhance aerodynamics

As the bike's leading edge the front tyre is key to the speed. Yksion CXR and Cosmic CXR are unified by the CX01 blades to create the fastest Wheel-Tyre System available. Its Griplink tread compound optimizes cornering grip. Available in 23 mm (SSC labels). Delivered with CX01 Blades.

Faster in every way
CX01 proven aerodynamic excellence
The only tyre that matches the Cosmic CXR rim
The only tyre compatible with the CX01 blades

Safe cornering
Griplink: optimal grip thanks to softer tread compound

Optimized puncture and cut resistance
Strong breaker: nylon
Strong casing: 210 TPI nylon
Reinforced sidewalls: the only tyre compatible with the CX01 blades

Weight: 230 (23) grams