Met Manta - CVNDSH limited edition

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When five seconds could be the difference between best and the rest, you want a helmet that is going to save you all the time possible while still providing protection, comfort and style. This is exactly what the MET Manta HES Road Helmet offers, with an extremely aerodynamic profile that can save up to 10 watts at 50km/h. This translates to five seconds of effort so it is easy to see why MTN-Qhubeka's sprinters opt for its elevated level of performance.

Despite this helmet's ultra aero profile, airflow has not been sacrificed. The strategically placed NACA crown vents and Airflow Converge vents ensure your head is kept cool without increasing drag.

In terms of safety, the Manta HES has you covered. The HES construction acts to spread the force of any impacts out across the full shell of the helmet. This dispersion of force helps to alleviate the dangerous potential of heavy, concussive blows, thus reducing the threat of potentially serious or life-threatening injuries.

This great level of protection does not come with a significant weight penalty, thanks to the In-Mould Intelligent Fusion shell design. At just 200 grams in the medium size, this is one of the lightest aero offerings on the market.

MET's top retention system, the Safe-T Advanced, has been welded into the helmet's shell for a reduction of weight and a larger cradle surface area for a more all-encompassing fit. The micro-adjustment dial allows for 2 millimetres of adjustment per click so you get a precise and comfortable fit. The added bonus of a four-step vertical fit gives better cranial protection.

The straps have also been adapted to be lighter than traditional helmet straps. Airlite straps and dividers are 15% lighter than standard straps and their soft comfort sits comfortably under your chin.

Coolmax internal padding strategically placed throughout the inside of the helmet provides superb sweat absorption and wicking and the Full Gel 02 padding provides a hypoallergenic anti-bacterial treatment.