Mizuno Premium Aero Tee

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- Iconic Mizuno style exemplifying lightweight performance.
- Super lightweight fabric integrating an oustanding ventilation system.
- Reflective details on the garment for better visibility during night runs.


- Material: Polyester 100%.


- DynamotionFit: Mizuno Dynamotion technology is based on anatomical research to create patterns that give improved garment fit and full freedom of movement.
- Mizuno FreshPlus: Mizuno FreshPlus technology adds an anti-bacterial and deodorising function to your garment, creating a fresher and odour reducing product.
- Mizuno DryLite: Mizuno DryLite technology draws excess moisture away from the body, creating a comfortable and dry microclimate for best perfomance.
- Mizuno Bodymapping: Mizuno Bodymapping technology provides enhanced air circulation inside the garment, keeping the body cool and dry.