Pioneer SGX-CA500 Bike Computer Mount

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One of the great things about the Pioneer SGX-CA500 is the portability. You can program in six different bikes, so it knows which bike you're riding and when. But the one thing that makes bike-swapping easier, is having a spare mount or two. That's where the SGX-CA500 Cycling Computer Mount comes in.
This mount is identical to the one that comes with the computer. It clamps on the to right side of the bar by the stem and holds the computer in front of the bars. The clamp is designed for 31.8mm diameter center-section handlebars, and will work with flat, riser, and drop bars.
This only works with the SGX-CA500 computer. 
The Pioneer SGX-CA500 Cycling Computer Mount lets you easily move your SGX-CA500 head unit between bikes.