Pioneer Single Side Dura Ace 9000 Power Meter

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Pioneer have been developing their Pioneer Left Arm Dura Ace 9000 Power Meter Crank alongside the pros for over three years now, honing it for the public market and improving on accuracy and measurement. Now it is finally ready for you to ride.

This left arm only power crank allows you to chart your performance and improve upon your performance with empirical data. Rather than breaking the bank for an expensive full crankset model, the left arm only model is affordably priced. Furthermore, if you decide you want to build on your power performance you can expand to a full crankset at later date.

Pioneer have opted for a system that uses dual strain gauges to measure pedalling force, direction and overall efficiency as you ride. With an accuracy rating of +/- 2% you can rely on this sleek power crank to provide reliable readings.

As you pedal the sensors capture 12 points of rotation at 30˚ intervals with 16 readings being taken at each point for maximum accuracy. When combined with the Pioneer head unit (sold separately) this allows you to see your pedalling efficiency on the go and also analyse it post ride on the computer.

Also included with the power meter is access to Pioneer's data analysis web service called Cyclo-Sphere, when used with the Pioneer head unit computer. This cloud-based browser program allows for pro-team levels of analysis of your data both on the computer and via their Iphone 6/6S compatible app. The program can form your data into map and graphical displays to help you easily understand it and use it to amplify your training.

Zero Point Calibration with Active Temperature Memory Adjustment does away with the frustration of having to re-zero your power meter anytime you train at altitude or you head to warmer or cooler climates. Essentially, this technology allows the power meter to anticipate and adapt quickly to environmental changes so your data's accuracy is not effected.

The Pioneer Left Arm Power Meter Crank broadcasts with ANT+ meaning you can use other fitness apps and computers to track your data such as Strava or the Garmin Edge computers. To optimise data collection the Pioneer Left Arm Power Crank is best used with Pioneer computers as they allow you to gain full access to the pedalling efficiency programs and the Cyclo-Sphere program.

Please Note: ThePioneer Left Arm Dura Ace 9000 Power Meter Crank is compatible with the Shimano Dura Ace 9000 crankset only.