Profile Design T5+ aerobar

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Extension Shape

The ultra shallow 15° extension bend maintains the high-performance aggressive position of straight extensions with the comfort of a ski-bend

J2 Bracket

The extension bracket, isolated from the basebar bracket, allows for a wider range of armest adjustment possibilities. Easily adjustable in length and angular rotation for a customized fit.

F-19a Aluminum Armrest

4 position fore/aft adjustment along with 15° of rotational adjustment to dial in the fit. Velcro-backed EVA Foam pads affix directly to armrest without additional straps. 

Aerobar Bracket Riser Kit

Ability to increase stack up to 80mm with optional Aerobar Bracket Riser Kit.


J2 Bracket


F-19a Aluminum Armrest




Max Aft -180mm, Max Fore 70mm

Extension Adjustment:

125mm-275mm (c of basebar-end)


145mm-300mm (center to center)

Center Clamp Diameter:

Fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm bars


Anodized Matte Black



"But this bar features a new comfortably aggressive extension shape as well as redesigned arm pads and a revised clamping system, allowing for easier adjustability.The T+ Aluminum series from Profile Design remains the industry’'s most adjustable clip-on aerobar, making it the go-to solution for bike fitters and consumers." - 2015 Buyer's Guide
"Great shape, great price and great armrests." - 2015 Buyer's Guide