Prologo Nago Evo Space TiRox

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The Nago Evo Space saddle features Prologo's SPACE technology. This offers you great protection from perineal discomfort thanks to the deep channel running virtually the whole length of the saddle. The design also caters for MTB & road use.

SPACE Technology
Prologo have introduced a new line of saddles called SPACE. The R&D team at Prologo have developed a line of saddles dedicatd to providing maximum comfort, ergonomics and performance. SPACE technology eliminates pressure spikes and numbness in the perineal area thanks to the anatomical channel and varied foam densities.

A large anatomical channel drives along the saddle around the central axis. The padding plus 3mm of various densities of foam, in combination with central channel eliminates pressure peaks in pelvica - prostate for men and women in the genital area.

Tirox Rails
These rails are manufactured from light alloy steel and are highly resistant to friction and movement. They're also lightweight and offer a good balance between weight and strength coping with the normal stresses found when on a bike very well.


  • SPACE technology designed to eliminate pressure spikes and numbness in the perineal area
  • The New PAS channel makes this range ideal for both men and women
  • Saddle is perfect for MTB and road use
  • Tirox rails offer high resistant to stress and are lightweight
  • Light PU padding for great comfort
  • Monocoque carbon fibre injection base gives greater strength increased stability and even an improved overall finish


  • Size: 273mm x 141mm
  • Weight: 235g
  • Base: Carbon injection monocoque
  • Rails: Tirox
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Padding: Light PU