Soleus GPS 3.0 watch

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The GPS watch that does it all ... Speed, Distance, Pace, Calories, Interval Timers, Data Upload, and a Heart Rate Monitor!

A step up from our 1.0 and 2.0 models, the GPS 3.0 has all the 2.0 features and also includes wireless heart rate monitoring via a comfortable sport fabric chest belt. Auto lap splits at every mile and a night light mode make it easier to complete your dusk and dawn runs. Set up to 5 individual training timers for your workouts and transfer the run data via USB to Soleus software or your favorite training website to track your training. 

Our GPS 3.0 knows exactly where to find the global positioning satellites orbiting miles above the Earth that will help you keep track of your run, walk, hike or bike. You can even personalize your Soleus GPS 3.0 by inputting your personal data to track calories burned during your workouts.