Stealth Recovery Whey Powder - Single Serving

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Use this Secret Training Stealth Whey Recovery Powder 33g to make sure you do not waste any of your training efforts.

This individual sachet means you can have it with you ready to go in that optimum recovery window of twenty minutes post exercise.

Made from real fruit and containing natural flavouring and sweeteners they really are a delicious 'whey' to lock in your training gains!

Each 33 g serving should be mixed with 300 ml of water to give you the 20 g of fast acting protein per serving your muscles will be craving post exercise.

Please note: This product contains milk protein and soya lecithin. Suitable for Vegetarians.

  • Whey recovery powder
  • Single serving
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Dilute in 300 ml of water
  • Real fruit
  • Natural flavouring and sweeteners
  • 20 g fast acting protein per serving
  • Contains milk protein and soya lecithin