USN Epic Pro All in One

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A scientifically formulated all in one ultra endurance, energy and recovery drink in Tropical flavour.  With PeptoPro, Waxy Maize Starch and other fast acting nutrients for peak performance and instant muscle recovery. (1kg)

The bodies?€™ evolutionary instinct is to immediately replace muscle glycogen (our primary source of energy) means that it will use whatever nutrients available, including amino acids present in the muscle tissue, essentially resulting in muscle wastage.

By rapidly supplying carbohydrates to replace muscle glycogen, as well as fast acting proteins to replace amino acids, the body recovers quickly without compromising muscle tissue and wasting amino acids.

USN?€™s Epic Pro All-in-One carbohydrate blend consists of five potent sources with varying degrees of uptake, although the majority is fast-acting as recommended. The Protein complement is provided in the form of the premium sources PeptoPro® Hydrolysed casein, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, as well as additional BCAA?€™s and L-Glutamine.

Epic Pro All-in-One has been formulated to form an isotonic drink (if prepared correctly), which promotes optimal nutrient absorption. It is a light, refreshing drink.

PeptoPro® is a registered trademark of DSM or a DSM Brand. 
Potential Core Benefits of the ingredients in Epic Pro include:

  • Rehydrates and improves recovery. 
  • Promotes extremely rapid electrolyte, glycogen and amino acid replacement (includes the very potent PeptoPro® & Waxy Maize Starch to boost this to an even greater extent). 
  • Lowers lactic acid levels during and after training. 
  • Helps reduce muscle cramping and soreness. Increases the muscle recovery rate between training sessions.
  • Contains anti-catabolic amino acids which prevent muscle breakdown during intensive exercise.
  • Contains hypoallergenic PeptoPro® Hydrolysed casein

Who Should Use it

  • Endurance athletes, especially those doing multi-day events, team sport players and anyone requiring rapid recovery from other intense physical activities.