Zipvit ZV1 energy drink lemon 1.4kg

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Increases power and endurance whilst helping prevent dehydration.

The ultimate energy drink for improving performance during exercise. Formulated using a scientifically proven carbohydrate blend to speed up energy delivery, improve performance and prevent fatigue without stomach upsets.

Key Features:

  • The perfect choice for endurance events such as road racing and long time trials.
  • A special electrolyte blend speeds up fluid absorption, helping to prevent dehydration and allowing rapid rehydration after exercise.
  • Also prevents cramping by replacing key minerals lost in sweat including sodium, magnesium, iodine, copper, iron, manganese and phosphates.
  • Designed to be taken pre and during exercise.
  • 32g of carbs per serving.
  • Natural and refreshing taste.
  • 3 tasty flavours available - please note the Tropical flavour is labelled as 'Fruit Punch'.
  • No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
  • Dairy and gluten free.
  • 1.4kg tub.