Zipvit ZV7c Caffienated Energy Gel

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Developed in collaboration with professional athletes including members of the Cervélo Pro Cycling Team and their nutritionist Rob Child, the Zipvit range of drinks, gels, bars and chews are made from top quality ingredients and have already found success at the highest levels of competition. Give Zipvit a try and make sure the heavy demands of your training and racing schedule are taken care of, just like the pros...

Zipvit's caffeinated gels take the highly effective ZV7 Energy Gel formula and ‘supercharge’ it with a synergistic blend of caffeine and Tyrosine. The 160mg of caffeine presses the accelerator pedal, reducing effort during training and racing, while tyrosine puts mental fuel in the tank. Each gel delivers the added kick needed to lift focus, reactions and performance to a different level. The ZV7C Caffeine Energy Gel was developed in collaboration with the worlds best endurance athletes and its unique size is THE standard within the pro peloton.


  • Fast digesting carbohydrates for improved performance
  • 51g of muscle fueling carbohydrates with 160mg of caffeine
  • Dairy free, gluten free, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours
  • 60ml gel sachet