Zipvit ZV9 Chocolate/Orange Protein Bar

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The ZV9 Protein Energy bar is formulated using the latest scientific advances to accelerate muscle recovery and refueling.

  • 20g of high quality milk and whey protein
  • Up to 25g of easily digested carbohydrates
  • A blend of vitamins and antitoxidants
  • Soft texture
  • Tasty Chocolate Coating
  • Food Type: Energy

What is ZV9?
The ZV9 Protein Energy bar has been specially formulated using high quality whey and milk proteins. It is ideal for use after training or racing as a healthy snack, which also helps recovery.

Why use ZV9?
The ZV9 Protein Energy Bar applies the latest advances in whey protein science to produce a soft moist texture without comprising nutrition quality by using collagen or other 'low value' proteins. It also includes the ZIPVIT SPORT synergistic mix of vitamins, to help with energy production from carbohydrates and fats and protect against harmful free radicals. ZIPVIT SPORT's protein bar is without question the most exciting bar to be launched in the last decade. Setting new milestones for flavour, taste and benefits, it has already started to revolutionize nutrition for endurance sports.

How ZV9 Works
Zipvit's ZV9 Protein Energy Bar digests so easily it can actually be taken during exercise to accelerate recovery. It can also be used after exercise to help refuel and repair muscles. The quality proteins and carbohydrates in the ZV9 bar improve muscle repair and refueling several days after hard training sessions, making them a useful aid to recovery even on rest days. The great taste and convenience of the Zipvit ZV9 bar also makes it the perfect high protein snack.