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Why get a bike fit?


A bike fit can is useful for two reasons.

1. It can help inform your bike purchasing decision so that you know you are purchasing a bike that is most suited to you.

2. Most injury or discomfort while riding is caused by a bad bike set up. A good bike fit will not only make you more comfortable, it will make you more efficient meaning better power transfer through the pedals and ultimately a faster ride. If you want to ride further, faster or longer a bike fit is for you.


What is Newfit?

Newfit systems is a sport specific, motion and data capture process that allows highly skilled and experienced technicians to provide accurate, comprehensive and comparable fit and position data.

The professional giving the fit is key to Newfit and it really sets this system apart. Most other ‘professional’ fitting tools used by bike fitters rely almost entirely on computer software. Newfit Systems believe there are limitations to what this software will analyse and frequently the element of comfort in the analysis of an aerodynamic cycling position is ignored.


Why choose us?

This is where personal experience and expert advice comes in. Newfit systems combines state of the art technology from Dartfish, Shimano and with the flexibility that only a human perspective can bring.  We have many years of fitting hundreds of customers to bikes for commuting. recreational purposes, road racing, time-trial and triathlon. We also have a custom large custom designed bike fit lab which makes the whole experience of getting your fit done more comfortable, and last but not least we believe that providing the best possible service is absolutely essential to keep customers coming back to us.

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Our bike fitting core principles


  1. Technology is just a tool

Technology is a useful tool in the fitting process, but cannot always tell a technician everything they need to know about someones background, riding style, flexibility and comfort over long distances. That is why Newfit focusses on having the most highly trained technicians who are skilled in assessing data and applying it to an individual's circumstances.


  1. Use your head

Many of the most popular bike fitting technologies on the market completely omit the position of the head from the fitting process. Newfit believes that the head position of a cyclist is an essential part of a fit as it effects comfort, aerodynamics, vision and hearing.


  1. Understanding is key

A bike fit is an investment, and as an investment we believe a Newfit customer should be able to get the most from their experience long after the analysis takes place. That is why all Newfit technicians take the time to explain every decision they make to the customer so that if any tweaks are required the customer has all the tools they need to feel confident to make them.


  1. You can evolve

As your fitness and technique changes, your bike position may need to evolve. Newfit does not believe in a position that a customer must stick with. Our fit evolves with the customer, and customers are encouraged to phone their newfit technician for advice after the initial analysis has taken place.


The bike fitting process

Every bike fit starts with a consultation that goes in depth into the type of cycling you are doing, how experienced you are on a bike, any injuries or pain and cycling frequency.

We then have 4 different types of fit, each with a slightly different process and use of technology:


Newfit 1 (Sizing fit) - Fit 1 is perfect for those wanting expert guidance on buying the perfect bike in terms of geometry and size for them. We will firstly take all your relevant measurements and assess your riding style and personal fitting requirements using the Shimano Bikefitting standard measurement tool. We are then able to use this data combined with our extensive experience of the fit of the majority of bike brands in order to give you assurance over the ideal size and models of bikes you should be looking at. Bike fit Bristol - sizing fit
Newfit 2 (Video Analysis on an existing bike) - Fit 2 uses our High Definition video analysis equipment and bikefitting biomechanical measuring tool. This is a detailed fit with full review facility which gives the rider a greater explanation of their fit and adjustments so they have the knowledge to tweak their bike more if they need to as their fitness and flexibility improves. This fit is ideal for a cyclist who wants to be more involved in their fit and bike positioning.  

Newfit 3 ( Video and Dynamic pedalling analysis on an existing bike) - Fit 3 utilises all of our technologies to provide a very comprehensive fit with a multitude of data and feedback to ensure the best possible improvements in efficiency, aerodynamics, comfort and power.

This fit is ideal for those looking to make improvements in their cycling performance, as well as those who may be experiencing discomfort or injury on the bike. The data that we can obtain during this fit means we are able to see exactly what impact adjustments have on power and pedal stroke efficiency as well as being able to accurately analyse the forces on the body throughout a pedal revolution.

Newfit 4 - Fit 4 gives you everything that fit 3 does, but enables us to set up two of your bikes. This is ideal for those who have more than one type of bike they want to be set up on, for example a road bike and a TT bike.  
Shimano Dynamic Lab Professional Cleat Set Up - Using Shimanos groundbreaking pedal analysis see exactly how power is transferred using the most accurate system available on the market today. Minute adjustments can be made to float and cleat positioning to ensure you are getting maximum power transfer from your shoe to the pedal. bikefitting cleat set up


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